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Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine

-------a Perfect Combination of Muteness and High Speed

Creating a century of beauty, Kanagawa tattoos the life for you

    Taking the lead in the manufacturing techniques of advanced tattooing machine, Hong Kong MYHEART COSMETIC CO.LTD is bringing to us a brand-new message – a representative of new science and technology, Kanagawa Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine, today, has duly come true. It is the first Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine nowadays while it is the smallest one in its size. Adopting the most advanced numerical control technology, it perfectly integrates

    muteness with high speed, so it represents the combination of advanced technology and exquisite design and is a new generation of tattooing machine with a dense time spirit.

     It is well established not only for its powerful functions, but also for its up-to-date fashion, and it is available to bring a new mode of operation to the beauticians.

    Researched and developed by Japan KANAGAWA industrial Co.,Ltd, it has a simple structure, a design that conforms to the human engineering, a plan of super silence, with a higher rotating speed, convenient NC switches, red, green and yellow indicators and a global general adapter for voltage-stabilizing source, all of which are originated in the circle of tattoo at present and make your working more efficient and delightful.

     A:The functions and characteristics of Kanagawa Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine:

1.Fine and Light Appearance: Adopting high-grade aluminum alloy frame, it has a distinguished appearance and is light and durable with a total weight of 56 grams only. It resists various corrosives and radiates heat quickly, and has a handle of antiskid, so as to make the operation more serviceable,

2.Numerical Control System: Adopting up-to-date information control system, the machine is the up-to-date invention of tattooing equipment at present. Inner equipped high-tech numerical circuit control system makes them integrative of the electrical source, the switch, the current, the voltage and the power. Whatever the voltage is, the machine will get a stable electrical source and keeps the machine powerful, high stability of the distance of the needles. Changing gear would be more convenient and quicker for the digitization and crystallization of the gear-changing by switch.

3.Muteness driving system: Patented special driving structure is another characteristic of the machine. It solves the conflict between muteness and high speed and perfectly combines them. The no-load speed of the machine is higher than 18800±500 times with a noise of less than 30 db, so you may produce attentively while the clients wait easily.

4.Sterile design : The sterile design of disposability and the 3 lines of devices that prevent pigments refluxing of the machine can efficiently prevent the cross-infection of various bacteria.

5.Convenient operation: Advanced automatic structure of stable needles makes the operating convenient, safe and quick. These types contain various kinds of machine with different performances, including professional type and training type, which makes you use the machine more skillfully on different occasions.

     B:Global general adapter for voltage-stabilizingsource: The tattooing machine transformer prevailing in the market now has the function of the variation of voltage, but in different areas and voltages, or in the state of the unstable voltage, the machine works in the unstable state, so that the strength of the needles is affected and instability occurs and the level of the beauticians suffers. The global general adapter for voltage-stabilizing source is another creation of the Kanagawa Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine. The small size and its special voltage stabilizing transformer can be used everywhere, that is, whichever country and city or whatever circumstances the voltages are (refers to the civil voltages in every countries and cities in the world: 100-240V) should you not change the power adapter. Along with it you might really go through under heaven and no unstable strength or needle-waving would trouble you, so that you would complete your work finely and freely.

     C:Series product of Kanagawa Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine:

    Pigments: All the Kanagawa tattooing pigments are made from pure vegetable coloring matters and without toxin, and had received the FDA certification of the USA.

1.Tattooing needles and other accessories: All the accessories made by Kanagawa Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine Ltd are manufactured according to the sterilization standard prescribed by WHO, and ethylene oxide is used as the bactericide. All the accessories are used just once and then thrown away. The Kanagawa tattooing needle has various specifications, all of which are cast by original Japanese steel wire (its diameteris 0.4mm). The end of the needle is sharp and of super toughness, so no break would occur. The performance is far better than the common iron wire needle prevailing in the present market. All Kanagawa disposable accessories are die-cast with sterile plastic or nylon.

     D:The Global Rapid After-sale System Kanagawa Digital Control Permanent Make Up Machine has a warranty term of half year free of charge, so you might take it easy after purchasing it. Meanwhile, a global warranty register in the web is originally available, so it saves your time and it is very convenient and rapid. Of course, you might also register by post mail, and all the postages of the register letters are free.


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